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Poirot's Obituary in New York Times August 6, 1975

Poirot's Obituary in New York Times August 6, 1975

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"Hercule Poirot Is Dead: Famed Belgian Detective

Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective who became internationally famous, has died in England. His age was unknown.
Mr. Poirot achieved fame as a private investigator after he retired as a member of the Belgian police force in 1904. His career, as chronicled in the novels of Dame Agatha Christie, was one of the most illustrious in fiction.
At the end of his life, he was arthritic and had a bad heart. He was in a wheelchair often, and was carried from his bedroom to the public lounge at Styles Court, a nursing home in Essex, wearing a wig and false moustaches to mask the signs of age that offended his vainity. In his active days, he was always impeccably dressed.
The news of his death, given by Dame Agatha, was not unexpected. Word that he was near death reacher here last May.
Dame Agatha reports in "Curtain" that he managed, in one final gesture, to perform on emore act of cerebration that saved an innocent bystander from disaster. "Nothing in his life became him like the leaving of it," to quote Shakespeare, whom Poirot frequently misquoted. "

How old was Poirot when he died? Christie confessed that she felt she had made a mistake with Poirot and his stablemate, Miss Jane Marple, in making them so old at the start. Indeed, by conventional reckoning, Poirot must have been over 130 years old when he solved his last case, in Curtain, published in 1975, but written in the 1940s, at the peak of Christie's powers in order to provide a fitting conclusion to the saga. Info curtesy to: http://blackpyramid.tripod.com/Imaginary_Mystery/Mystery_Detectives/Hercules_Poirot

Christie, at 85 years old, was unable to devote the necessary concentration to a new novel; her publishers persuaded her to release Curtain, which she had written during World War II and kept back for posthumous publication, planning Poirot's final case to coincide with her own death. When this book was published in the US, Poirot's obituary was printed on the front page of the New York Times!  curtesy to: http://www.topmystery.com/summary_curtain.htm

This is supposed to be text of the obituary, i.e. the death report of a person, the first and the last such report given upon the death of a fictional character. My source is : http://answers.yahoo.com  

I wonder whether this is the original text or not?
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