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Cards on the table

Cards on the table

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A nice review

Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) says at one point, "The question is, can Hercule Poirot possibly be wrong?"

"No one can always be right," Mrs. Lorrimer replies.

"But I am! Always I am right. It is so invariable it startles me. And now it looks very much as though I may be wrong," laments Poirot, "and that upsets me. But I should not upset, because I am right. I must be right because I am never wrong."

  • A little question.

    When I first saw you're profile here I thought it seemed pretty legitimate. I'd just like to say you are truly the best Poirot actor ever! The other men could hold a candle to you! Could you tell me, what is on that list of '93 Things To Remember About Hercule Poirot'? Thank you!
    • Re: A little question.

      I love how emotional he is behind that meticulous surface. He is really passionate about merciless killers, I just love his speech at the end of The Mysterious Affair at Styles when he reveals Inglethorp's machinations. This little man has the heart of a lion!
      Besides he (and Christie) is always on the side of young people with potential good in them and lets them run with small "stumbles" that are not real crime.
      Adorable character he is, especially with the plus added by Mr. Suchet.
      Thanks for asking this, how about your most memorable thing of him?
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